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Fast money won the 2012 electronic finance Excellence Award

Date : 2018-01-19    hit : 662

At the sixth annual China electronic finance annual meeting, it was a hot discussion to pay the innovation ability of the enterprises again. "Compared to the innovation of the product, the innovation of the model is another important aspect. This is the two dimension that we consider to pay for the innovative capacity of the enterprise, "the head of the China electronic financial industry alliance, the sponsor of the conference, told reporters.

At this annual meeting of the electronic finance, fast money company won the "Jin Jue prize" of China Electronic Finance in 2012, the outstanding innovation award for electronic finance. Fast money related responsible person, at present, the major payment enterprises are starting to consider the development problem pragmatically and focus more on their own competitive advantages. In the future, fast money will always adhere to the industry market, and realize the business development mode of financial services innovation driven by information technology, enhance the efficiency of corporate capital by innovative applications, and extend more innovative financial services to a wider market area.

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